Friday, May 02, 2008

Having a hard day

The Phi is having a tough day. She is trying to be independent and learning the hard way that she is still a 2 year old who still needs her parents. And she is slowly getting through her thick skull that what we tell her is for her own good. Today I picked her up at noon to take her to work. We stayed for 2 hours and I decided we should spend the afternoon at the park and the library. Before we left the office I told her to try to go to the bathroom because the park we were going to did not have bathrooms. In true The Phi fashion she refused. So we head to the playground and not 5 minutes into playing, she peed her pants. So we head into the Xb to go home. Of course I have to get her in the tub. After washing her hair and soaping her up she was playing with a doll and cup. I was sitting on the floor reading a Cooking Light magazine when she took the full cup of water and dumped it on me. All over me. As soon as she did it she gave me a look of big wide eyes, and she knew she had made a bad decision. I gasped because I didn't see it coming and she immediately started saying sorry to me. I pulled the plug on her tub time and she cried. She is learning lessons everyday and I just hope that these little daily lessons stick.


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    wow, I don't think any of our kids ever did anything like that. I quest the Phi will have to learn the hard way,but I like that she is not afraid to express herself. Sorry you got wet mija.( Ha Ha).
    Love, pops

  2. lol I remember those days. Isabella pulled my shirt up (all the way up) in the supermarket one time. She knew right away she was wrong but still screamed and cried.

    It will pass....


  3. Hahahahaha! Did she tell you to snap to it? LOL! The twins throw water at me with thier hands, they haven't figured out the cup would be more effective.

  4. Ooooooh. I woulda been mad!!

    The other day we were at a restaurant using the restroom. We use the big handicap stall so me and both my daughters can use it. But they always open the door and I am always yelling at them to keep it closed. It has now become a game to them. So while I am sitting there peeing, Xixi goes to open the door but she looks back at me mischeviously. "Don't!" I growl at her. She smiles and says really loud, like so loud I'm sure the entire restroom heard her, "Why mama? Cuz you don't want the ladies to see your coocoo?"

    I should have thrown my chankla at her! Heheee


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