Friday, May 23, 2008

And the winner is....David.....(show ends)

So we all know who won Idol. And the PR Family was happy to have David Cook win, but it took us awhile to find out. We had our DVR set to record so we watched the playback later that night.
We watched every single performance and it was fianlly to the end. The envelope had just been handed to Seacrest and he began to announce, "and the winner of American Idol 2008 is ............David" and my DVR stopped. The screen went blue and it asked me if I wanted to save or delete. I literally jumped off the couch, threw myself on the floor yelling "NOOOOO!!". So after some crafty you tube searching we found the ending and had to watch it with an ear phone each and huddled together around my ipod screen. But we saw it and we were happy with the results. David Cook really deserved to win. And the whole crying when he won thing. "SWOON". But the best part of the show was this......

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  1. Yahoo!!!!!!!!! I was happy he won too. That was a great copy of the original. Loved it! David Cook all the way.......... :)


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