Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The $25 Pony Bear Phone is Here!!!

So The Phi is a relatively good kid all the time. We are still using her reward chart and 10 happy faces earn her a reward. Well these days she is being specific as to what she wants her reward to be. She has been into My Little Pony's. She even been watching the old school show on DVD's. So we have bought her a few ponies and of course they come with the little pamphlet of ALL the pony stuff you can buy. She carried it around and studied it for weeks and then one day announced to us that she wanted the Pony Bear Phone. Don't ask me why she calls them Pony Bears. So we struck up a deal with our little one. We told her that the next time she filled up her reward chart we would buy her the Pony Bear Phone. PR Dad even drew a pretty awesome picture of a toy phone. Well on May 4th she finally earned her phone and we headed out to Toys R Us. No Pony Bear Phone there. So we hit up a Target with no luck either. A few more stores and nothing. So as a consolation prize we bought her a new pony ($5). This satisfied her and we told her we would order her Pony Bear Phone over the computer. ($20 after shipping and tax)She stood by the computer as I placed our order. And then we waited. We waited and waited and everyday Nilo our mail dude came in without a box we were disappointed. Until yesterday. A box addressed to The Phi finally came and we ripped it open and there in all its glory was the pony bear phone. So what if we spent more that double what we would have paid for it at the store. That smile was worth it!


  1. Some things are worth the price. Too cute.

  2. Curse that damn pamphlet! lol Isabella carried that thing around FOREVER and STILL has it. She called it her Pony Magazine.

    Kudos to Phi for earning her phone! :)

  3. My daughter was sooo into my little ponies at that age, too. I loved it, because I loved them as a kid. They have a my little pony that comes with a toy motor scooter that is too cool... you should try to find that for her!


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