Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekly Winners

We are enjoying our Sunday in Santa Barbara a.k.a Paradise. For more weekly winners please visit Sarcastic Mom.

The Phi giving out pony kisses. She has started to make our dog part of her tea parties and other games. He is not amused.

Sea World was amazing. We had a blast.

Jelly Fish

Sea Life

My Chicana at Chicano Park

Close up of a mural at Chicano Park, San Diego, Ca

"No Matter How Hard You Try....You Can't Stop Us Now"

PR Dad holding the hand of a legend.

Is this the stairway to heaven people are always talking about it?


  1. I always enjoy your photos!
    The last one is just so gorgeous! And the jelly fish... wow!

  2. Love the SeaWorld pictures!

  3. Sea World looks like a blast! Love the tea party with the dog, and you are right, he doesn't look amused. lol

  4. Great photos this week. My favorite was the jellyfish. I am glad you got your link working.

  5. I think the silliness is my favorite this week. Phi is beautiful!

  6. Great pictures! I just came back from San Diego last weekend...

    Here is my weekly winner post for today.

    Have a great week!

  7. Phi is so cute. Love the photo under the skull grafiti! Also love the jellyfish, very cool!

  8. That last one is a great shot! Your daughter has such personality.

    I also love the photos from Sea World too!

  9. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Wow, these are all excellent. So much color and vibrancy and fun! The jellyfish shot was so cool, and the Phi is always gorgeous.

  10. My favorite is the Chicana at Chicano Park photo.

  11. The "stairway to heaven" is great, smees to go on forever...your other photos are fun, the last one your little one look like she is having a grand time!

  12. Those are awesome! I love that last one.

    Thanks for visiting my winners.


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