Friday, April 18, 2008

So I am Totally Famous Now

I will need to buy big hats for all of us and even bigger sunglasses. I may even have to start wearing a blond wigs and hire a security team. See I am famous now. It has finally happened. I was recognized by a stranger from this here ol' blog. And I am just sure that this is just going to happen ALL the time now. See we were at at our usual hang out on Thursday night, Palm Springs. We headed to the our favorite restaurant ever "Grill-A-Burger" and who I believe is the owner came up to our table and said "Hey aren't you the people with the travel website?" PR Dad was like "no". The dude left and then I thought a minute. I got on the trusty cell phone and googled "Grill-A-Burger" and there I was, the third result, a blog post I had done about a year ago, just gushing about how much we loved Grill-A-Burger. (and seriously we LOVE this place). So I took my phone up to the guy and was like "Is this what you were talking about?" and he was like "Yes! So it is you guys!" Anyways he was totally grateful for my rave review of his place and even gave us free t-shirts

grill a burger

PR Dad and I are way stoked about our t-shirts.

So before I was "spotted" we had wandered the Palm Springs Art Museum because I needed some inspiration. My photography has been boring me lately. While we were there The Phi fell in love with a piece of art....

Phi found art she loved

I know, pretty adorable piece right? A giant fiberglass puppy.

So anyways, I am now famous. I will have to get use to people interrupting us when we eat, oh and all the paparazzi! I haven't "seen" them yet, but that just means they are really great at hiding. Or have super powerful lenses that can take pictures from miles away. Serioulsy I just felt someone take me picture!


  1. LOL! that's awesome! you better watch what you do cause they will come out with pics of you picking your nose or butt. :)

  2. Cool!

    That is an awesome giant fiberglass puppy and a very cute Phi in front of it!

  3. Cool! You got a free t-shirt out of it and your privacy wasn't even invaded all that much.

  4. Anonymous9:58 PM

    What the hell...Your gave Grill A Burger great reviews and you don't even blog about your BFF Steak & Hoagie...I may have to take that BFF title from you


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