Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I was totally on time this morning. I got out of bed at the right time, 7:05am. In and out of the shower in record time, 7:20. Hair was combed and makeup on and then it was time to get The Phi up and ready, 7:30am and that's when it went all down hill. The Phi has been sick, major allergies and chest congestion. Well this morning when I went in to wake her up, she was laying on her stomach as usual. I did my usual "Wake Up Phi! Come on time to go to work!" She rolled over and her face was covered in blood. A bloody nose in the middle of the night. They always look worse than they are. So by the time I got her up and in the bathroom to wash off her face, stripped the sheets from her bed and got her ready for work we were 5 minutes late 8:05 am. The drive to work and we were walking in the door at 8:10 am. Damn! we were so freakin close to being on time today!

And is it just me or is the year like seriously flying by. Do you all realize that my baby is going to be 3 next month? WTF!

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  1. No, it's not just you. Next thing you know she will be 6 yrs old going into 1st grade. :*(


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