Friday, March 21, 2008

The Bra Whispherer

PR Dad has many talents. One of these talents involves finding the perfect bra. See I am one of those ladies who will wear the same old ratty bras until there is no hope of re-sewing, or pinning it together. Even long after the underwire has hit the road, I will still wear that unsupportive bra. Well PR Dad had had enough and while at the mall he pushed me into a Madienform store. He told me I was getting new bras and the old rattys were going in the trash! We began looking at the sale rack and he was grabbing diferent styles and sizes and then pushed me into a dressing room. There he made me try on bra after bra after bra. While The Phi's job was to attempt to put the bras back on their hanger PR Dad stuffed, clasped, pushed, and pulled until I found 2 bras that fit perfectly. They were comfortable and "hey" my boobs (or elbows as The Phi calls them) were back in thier old above sea level position. We made our purchases. At home as we were getting into pj's I was about to put my old ratty ugly bra in the hamper. The bra whispherer was not having it. He had not spent over 1/2 an hour to find me a perfect bra, just to have those ratty's in the house. Instead he took the ratty bra and ripped it, in half. And no amount of sewing or safety pins could save it!


  1. oh, i can relate to the joy of finding a new bra that fits well--hope they're also comfy.

  2. I am the same way. I just can't seem to part with funky old bras. In my mind I think that I can just wear them around the house...why waste my good ones? Nevermind that they are streched out, they have those little pill balls under the armpit, the wire is busted and the white ones are kinda yellow. UGH. Your man is the bomb, taking you bra shopping!

  3. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Elbows!!! That is too funny.

  4. I cannot throw away a bra. They're like children. Gross, raggedy children.

  5. i'm kinda with jenny - cant toss 'em - except for the nursing ones. those are only out because my elbows are not nearly as bodacious as they once were. when they were FULL OF MILK.

    and your husband loves you and your girls - i do find that touching.
    no p un intended.


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