Thursday, February 28, 2008

Way Too Close to Chuck E Cheese

So someone at PR Dads work mentioned this new Pizza buffet place. So we went to check out John's Incredible Pizza Co. When we walked in I was like "Damn it this is just like Chuck E Cheese". And well I had already decided that Chuck E Cheese trips were a Nana and Tata thing. So we go in and find that kids 2 and under are free (YES!) and adults are only about $8. Nice and cheap, just how I like it. So we head toward the buffet and load up on salad, pastas, pizzas, baked potatoes etc.. It was the typical cafeteria style buffet. The Phi stocked up on Mac and Cheese and crackers. That kid loves her carbs. Then we had a choice of rooms to dine in. There was the "Vertical" room that was filled with grass umbrellas, and surf motifs with large screen TVs and surf movies going on, then there was the "Toon" room with big bubbly and colorful tables and chairs and big screen playing Bugs Bunny and Jetsons cartoons, the "Log Cabin" room that just looked too much like our den, but still looked very homey. Then there was the "Sports" room with well a sports theme. We decided on the "Toon" room. Good choice. The Phi sat and ate without getting up. Of course her eyes were glued to the big screens. Now the dining rooms are on the opposite end of the building as the game room. So after we ate we headed to the game room. This place is new so everything was shiney new and working! We walked around a bit and checked out all the cool games. We found some abandonded tickets, then we found a game that someone had not finished playing so PR Dad hit it up and got us more tickets. After finding a good amount of tickets we headed to the prize booth where The Phi chose a red car crayon and little plush football over the princess fairy wand. (Ah proud Mom!)

The Phi and PR Dad

We tried the spicy peanut butter pizza. Sounds gross but surprisingly good!

Lately the world is just was too loud for The Phi. You can often find her doing this.

heee heee 69 heee heee
On another note everyone please send good labor vibes out to Northern Cali. My BFF Jessica is very pregnant with her second baby boy. She is due tomorrow, but then he would be born of Feb 29th! So send some vibes her way and maybe he will be born today!

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  1. looks like fun! i wanted to pics of the rooms...
    i didn't know jessica was already due!


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