Friday, February 01, 2008

Speaking of Food

Thanks for all the great ideas for the Super Bowl Party. I am still not sure what I am going to make but you all had some great ideas. Lyndz I want to try this lime strawberry recipe of yours. And I had no idea you were such a whiz in the kitchen. Since we are on the subject of food, The Phi has turned what should be a nice family dinner into the most frustrating time of the day. We eat dinner at home together when PR Dad gets home from work, so it is at different times most nights. The Phi sits in her high chair pushed up to the table. She has her own plates, bowls, cup, forks, and spoons. She even has a Spongebob placemat. She ususally is served small portions of whatever we are having with a cup of watered down juice, milk, or even chocolate milk. We do not allow toys at the table while we are eating. I am not the best cook, but I do okay. Every dinner we go through the same song and dance, where PR Dad and I take turns saying, "Phi eat your food". Then there is the dance part, where I ask her if she wants to eat or go to bed and when she picks bed I start to get up and she goes "no no I want to eat". Oh and there is also the trip to the bathroom at each meal. I swear this kid does not want me to eat a hot meal. So instead of a nice, relaxing family meal we all walk away frustrated and sometimes tears. The Phi just refuses to eat. And this only happens at dinner time. Breakfast and lunch she eats like a champ. Even if I don't give her snacks between lunch and dinner she still does not want to eat. Any great suggestions to get this child to eat dinner?


  1. yeah stop worrying about it. If she is eatting the rest of the day who cares if she doesn't eat dinner. Why stress about it. If she is hungry she will eat. Otherwise let her get up from the table after you have her try. If she is done make her ask to get down and excuse her.

    All your doing by forcing her to eat is creating a stressful dinner memory. She looks healthy, let her play.

    I am sure your ped. will say the same thing. Kids at her age are grazers anyway.

  2. Anonymous10:57 AM

    i was going to say the same thing as mojavi. Don't make eating a battle...if she isn't hungry then let her down. If she wakes in the middle of the night hungry it will be a lesson learned.-jdub

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    if she is eatting lunch and dinner she won't wake up hungry at night.. at this age they only need a couble tablespoons of food.

  4. A lot of kids don't like to eat dinner. Don't worry so long as she's eating breakfast and lunch. Those should be her big meals anyway. If you're still wanting her to eat, maybe try feeding her at the same time every night and then have her sit with you guys all together when Dad gets home? You could just give her a snack at the same time every day (like carrots or something - sorry I don't know how old she is) and then serve her dinner again later. If she doesn't ask for food after dinner then I would worry at all.

  5. Just keep at it - the most important thing is she is at the table WITH you and not somewhere else. If she eats fine, if she doesn't fine too. Little kids are so unlike adults. They eat when they are hungry while we eat just because it's there.


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