Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Monday

The sickness that I was feeling is now pretty much over. I was feeling better by Sunday, now my voice is just a little bit off. My voice is going weird when I talk. I sound like Julia Roberts. Anywas the weekend was pretty chill. Just spent playing candyland with The Phi, doing laundry, taking bubble baths, watching the movie "Waitress", watching some of the Oscars and ended on a high note with dinner with Uncle Sammy the Bull. The weather was cold and rainy but today the skies are clear and a little bit warm. The Phi has been talking about going back to Sea World. She said she wanted to take Nina and Nino because she thinks Nina would like the Penguins and Nino would like the sharks.


  1. ooooooo Candy Land, how fun!

  2. Isabella has that Dora Candyland too...they need to have a match-up some day :)


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