Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Love Phi

the phi has many many traits that she gets directly from her father. One of these traits is the overwhelming need to make people laugh. The phi has learned that a funny face or silly song will get a laugh. But her new thing makes me worry that we may have the next Lucille Ball on our hands. The phi has discovered the power of physical comedy. She knows that a fall can get a few laughs. Or dad and I gotten use to her antics but forget that other people are not aware of this outrageous need the phi has to be funny, no matter where or when. Of course this is leading to a phitastic story. The other day we were walking the mall. The phi was holding pr dads hand and we were talking toward a light pole. The phi saw the opportunity to be a comedian and instead of walking around the pole she walked into it. Of course she didn't really smack her face. She faked it complete with a over dramatic head flinging back. Then she stepped back and said to the pole "oh sorry". Pr dad and i don't bat an eyelash, but the girl walking behind us did. She gasped "oh my god!" then when she realized the phi totally fakes it the girl giggled. And my little jim Carey got her laugh.

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