Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here Comes The Bride (again!)

If you are an avid reader and remember every single thing I write about then you know that my cousin Rosie (aka Woman) ran off and got married in Las Vegas last summer. So next month she is have all the bells and whistles and a big ol'wedding. This means all us ladies got together over the weekend for a bridal shower.

Here is the blushing bride and her yummy cake!
Chone as a toilet paper bride. I thought she was the best one.
Felix was digging the sunglasses in the kids goodie bags
oh the shame...these are my sisters....
Cutest God-daughter Ever Lili was running around all over the place.

My cousin Erika with a K had this really cute t-shirt on! I loved it.

It was a great party and a good turn out. And despite being yanked down and slapped in the face by a strange kid The Phi had a great time and had a hard time leaving her favorite cousin Chone. It was so great to see my niece, nephew and god-daughter. I've missed them soooo much.

**I realized that my message from yesterday was cut off so those of you who couldn't figure it out we were at Sea World in San Diego yesterday. Will blog all about it tomorrow**

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