Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shopping Sp(F)ree

PR Mom and PR Dad had the same schedule yesterday. This does not happen often. Despite debating who gets in the shower first, it is nice to get ready and leave at the same time. And even nicer for PR Dad to be home by 5. Yesterday we headed out to our favorite mall and it was basically gift certificate day! First we headed to the Puma store and stocked up on about $500 in items. I got: one pair of shoes, new packet of underwear ( I love their chonies!), a brown zip-up sweater hoodie, and a black messenger style purse. The Phi got: 2 pairs of shoes. The red ones are glittery. PR Dad got: a pair of shoes, and 2 polo shirts. Like I said it came out to about $500. Then we used PR Dads employee discount and it went down to about $230. Then we busted out the $250 gift certificate that PR Dad won for having an excellent secret shop at work. For those lucky people who do not know anything about retail. (Lucky!) a secret shop is when the company you work for hire someone to come into your store and shop. They score you on everything from if you greeted them, to how long it took you to tell them about the current sale. Well PR Dad is a really great sales guy, and this time it paid off for us! We had a lot of fun grabbing things we wanted. Then we walked around the mall a bit and went into one of my favorite stores, Urban Outfitters. Recently I have decided that I love owls. There were a lot of little owl things there and I bought a little yellow owl bank, and a little notebook with an owl on it. I used the $50 American Express gift card from PR Dads uncle. Then we headed over to this new Japanese place called Iron Chef. I had a $25 gift certificate and we stuffed our faces with sushi, chow mien, orange chicken, and teriyaki beef and shrimp. Then before we headed home we stopped at the gas station and used a $25 gift certificate (that we got from the new bed) to fill up the tank. So what could have been a super expensive day, was FFFRRREEEEEEEE!.


  1. i am totally jealous :)

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Love the mary janes. I firmly believe that every girl (and woman) should have at least two pairs of red shoes!--JVS

  3. Ohhhh...I love gift certificates!


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