Thursday, January 10, 2008

No Room

We have only a few more days until the monstrosity of a bed is delivered. That means we only have a few days to figure out how we are going to fit it, the desk and entertainment center is the room. PR Dad was to put the desk in the den. Problem is that with Matty living with us, our storage room is occupied. The second problem is that we have PR Dads brothers couches and big screen TV in our house which leaves no extra room in the den. I hate having the house so cramped with crap. We don't have a garage so most thing go into our outdoor storage shed. That shed is filled with PR Dads bros stuff, PR Moms stuff, The Erks merchandise (Anyone want to buy an Erks shirt?). Damn we should be charging a monthly rental fee. I have always had a vision of one of those fancy and relaxing bedrooms. Not cramped or messy. You know like the ones they make on Extreme Home Makeover. I am hoping to get crown molding put up, new blinds and new curtains. My goal is to make the curtains myself. I nice tan with embroidery done by yours truly!


  1. Call that show on TLC where they help you declutter and in the process give your room a makeover! Even if you're cramped up a bit, I bet you're going to enjoy that new bed!

  2. Feeling your pain. I just moved a dresser out of our room so I can maybe squeeze out exercize bike in there. Errrgg.

  3. The Sophia WIP is a sweater from Debbie Bliss' book, called Rialto (I'm pretty sure that's the book). It's so far from being finished - LOL... just gotten started and forgot about it for a while.

  4. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Girl, I feel you! Our shed is full of JUNK! Gah!
    Every year we give stuff away to charity but somehow we always end up with more junk later.



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