Thursday, January 24, 2008

How to Summarize 16 years

This is totally a true story. I am a member over at Its kind of like myspace for knitters. Anyways you can join groups and I joined a Santa Barbara knitters group. While looking over the message board I noticed a new member with a picture icon of a highway sign of the highway I grew up next to. So I emailed her to see if she lived in the same small town I did. We exchanged a few emails and it turned out she was the Mom of a kid I went to K-8 grade with at good ol' Briggs school. The school I went to was tiny. I basically went to school with the same 25 kids for 9 years. Morgan was one of those kids. My BFF from Briggs Jessica and I were just talking about Morgan when we saw each other at Christmas. Very very strange. Its even a small world on the Internet. So anyways Morgan found me on myspace and sent me a link to another classmate Josh. So I have been exchanging emails with each of them. Of course I want to know what they have been up to and they want to know what I have been doing for the last 16 years. Every time I start an email realize that summarizing 16 years is a difficult. You just give your general guideline and then you look it over and think, "That's all I have done in 16 years". But as I pondered over the last 16 years there are like 7 different eras that happened in that time frame. 7 different life altering events that moved me from home to Santa Barbara, to Camarillo, to back home, and now here in the desert. I LIVED those 16 years, the good times (and there were some really good times) and the hard times. I have meet some people along the way who I could not imagine my life without (Sam, Boo, Tom, Sammy etc..) I have taken on new roles in life, like Tia, and Wife, and Mom. I have had a few different jobs and many years of school. I learned new things, found new passions.

It has been so great to catch up with people from my Briggs school days. I mean we were really lucky to have had that stable foundation. Like Jess said yesterday, " there is something to say for not changing schools every 3 years". We may have been sheltered a bit, but we were happy and educated and loved and well fed! I am so grateful that I got to attend such a special place for so many years. It makes me very happy to see fellow Briggs Kids doing well in life and being happy with their marriages, and careers.


  1. i cant remember who those ppl are. is morgan a boy or girl?

  2. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I miss her Turkey-pin-wheels!! They were AWESOME!! Do you remember the ice cream after a shift in the kitchen??? GOOD TIMES!!!!


  3. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Morgan Stuwart??? How is he doing???



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