Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wrapping Paper Hell

This holiday season is so much more fun this year. Just watching The Phi enjoy all the decorations and lights and talking up a storm about "snowman" (that's what she calls Santa) and "presents" is fun. You know what is not fun? Wrapping presents. I spent about 4 hours wrapping gifts and I remembered that wrapping gifts is one of those chores I hate to do and it is because I suck ass at wrapping gifts. I can never cut the paper straight. I usually cut way to much or way to little. I can never get the creases right and the paper always ends up bunchy. Most gifts I just throw in a decorative gift bag, but Christmas gifts are different. I love the kids ripping through the paper and the piles and piles left all over the living room. ( I am sure my Mom is not a fan of trash all over her living room, but I am!) The twins and The Phi are now at an age where opening gifts is fun for them. So because of that I spent 4 hours wrapping gifts. So if you get a gift from us and the paper is all jacked up, I am sorry but Merry Christmas anyways.

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  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    send me your gifts and i will wrap them for you! I love wrapping presents!!!-jdub


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