Friday, December 14, 2007

think McFly

i finally know what "think mcfly" means. yes peeps i saw back to the future for the first time last night. and yes i finally moved from the rock i was living under. what a great flick. kind a weird when his Mom kisses him but good. It made the 80's look like a simpler time. And the bonus is there is a sequel.


  1. What??!? You had never seen this movie before? I love movies from the 80's and this is one of them.

    There is a sequel and there is also a third one :D but I think the original one is the best.

  2. Wow.. yeah good thing you got out from the rock.. now you are going to have to catch up on the rest of them

  3. Anonymous9:36 PM

    I was working at Universal when filming that movie. I worked for Diebold Inc. They make ATM machines. The movie people wanted a working ATM for the movie scene. We went out to Universal and wired it up and made sure it worked. We watched as they rolled the cameras. Little did we know it would be a big hit movie. They actually never used the scene showing anyone using the ATM.



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