Sunday, December 23, 2007

Haunted By the Fallen Snowman

Last night after an awesome visit with Uncle Sam and dinner we headed out to check out more lights. The Phi loves it (and so do I). The day out here in the desert had been windy and there was one house with one of those giant inflatable snowmen that had been knocked down. It was laying flat on his carrot nose in the front yard. The Phi yells, "Mommy he fell down!" This image of the snowman on his face haunted my kid for the rest of the night. She kept talking about the snowman that fell down. I kept telling her that it was okay and that someone would pick him up. When that didn't satisfy her I told her that Santa would stop and pick him up. That worked and she went to bed. This morning she got into our bed and after asking me if it was Christmas, she said, "Mommy the snowman fell down!"

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