Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Feliz Dia De La Virgen De Guadalupe

I stepped outside into the cold morning and remembered that today was your day. That it was this time of year, in this kind of cold that you made roses appear out of rocky ground. I am not what one would call a religious person, but I believe in you and your power to watch and care for us. This past year you have watched over my family. You have kept my Nana and Tata in decent health. I know that you were there and protected my sister during her car accident. Thank you for being there, for watching over her and giving her the strength the heal back to the outgoing person she is. I know that you were there to take our Roman from this world and to heaven. You were there to stop his hurting and guide him on his journey to eternal life. You were there for all of us to comfort us and help us understand that it was time to let him go. During that time I have never prayed to you more. I prayed for understanding and answers as to why my family was is such pain and eventually you sent all the answers to me. You have given me the patience to raise my daughter and I thank you for her everyday. You are everywhere at all times and today is the day to thank you. To light your candles and bring you flowers and sing for you. So thank you Virgen. Thank you for taking care of us, giving us strength when we thought there was no strength left. For lifting us through the hard times and allowing us to enjoy the good times. Enjoy your day.!">

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