Friday, December 21, 2007

Enchiladas 101

So they called and cancelled my appointment because the nurse practioner called in sick. So me and my fat lip have to just wait it out. It already has gone down a lot so hopefully all will be back to normal soon. But this is good news for you all because now I have time to post the pics from last night.

Here is my set up for making enchiladas. It is always messy and I have to wear my apron but they are always worth it.

How I Roll

The Phi helped make brownies.

The Phi was super excited when PR Gma showed up.

Her first Xmas gift of the season. The first of what I am sure will be many. She is now an expert gift unwrapper now. I think watching me wrap gifts for 4 hours helped her realize what is under all that wrapping.

Every year PR Gma buys The Phi the best stuff. She always buys gifts that The Phi uses all the time and this year was no exception. The Phi got some cute PJ's, a awsome skull shirt, black stretch pants, and the big gift was the Island Princess table with chairs and tea party set. I know you all know about my Barbie and princess but The Phi loves it. I am looking into how I can color the Barbie's hair brown without ruining the whole thing.

Here is the happy kid with her gifts.

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  1. that is so cute! give the barbie brown hightlights with a brown sharpie. let luis do it.


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