Friday, November 30, 2007

We Did It! We Did It! We Did it! Hurray!

I killed National Blog Posting Month! 41 posts in November and one every single day. In your face NaBloPoMo. (Applause applause, sounds of roaring crowds) Thank You! I have to admit there were days that the posts were crappy and boring. But we moved on and kept writing. There were days were I just wrote to post. This month has not been too exciting with the holiday, and potty training going on around here. But it was a challenge and I like a challenge.

I also like rain, and it is finally raining out here in the desert. My flowers and grass are being watered for free. Thanks G-O-D, for the savings on my water bill. The Phi was stoked when I told her that she could wear her rain boots out of the house today.

I talked to my BFF Sam (Not the bull) and it made me have strange junior high dreams. I think the conversation with her, seeing Jessica last week and watching the movie 13 going on 30 the other day had those junior high days on my mind.

This week the craft project was snowflakes. I had to look up on the line to remember how to fold the paper to make them, but since The Phi is way into cutting paper this was a perfect way to entertain her. We made A LOT of them. We put them on the front windows at the office and the big front window at home. The Phi keeps calling them snowmen. Oh I wonder if this rain means snow in Big Bear!

I cannot believe that November is over. Or that 2007 is almost over. Time to start the xmas shopping, and mail out Xmas cards.

Sorry for all the randomness. I think the allergy meds are still working thier way out of my system.

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