Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick Or Treating with Captain Phi

Hope everyone had a happy halloween!

Even Roo got dressed up! He made such a cute little cow. Get it Roo goes Moo!!

We meet up with The Phi's new BFF Cyrus and went to a main street in a town near by that gets all decked out. People even sit out on thier porch passing out candy. The trick or treating in our neighborhood is sucky!

The Phi did great this year. There was only one scary house that she refused to go up to but in her defense there was someone hiding in the bushes who would jump out with a chain saw. I am kind of glad she didn't want to go up. I am sort of a chicken shit when it comes to scary stuff like that. You will never find me at something like Knotts Scary Farm. The only problem The Phi has is after people hand her candy and she says thank you, instead of walking away she tried to walk into the house. When we left she did not want to go and kept pointing outside saying she wanted to go outside.

We were home by 9 pm and The Phi was more than excited to have a piece of candy.
Just look at that face.

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