Saturday, November 17, 2007

Story Time

We headed out this morning to the library for their Thanksgiving story and craft. This in itself was a huge feat because I never venture out of the house on a Saturday morning with just me and The Phi. But, she was excited about it. She even slept with the flyer last night so we were there. It was much better than the last story time we went to. The last one a fire dog named Sparky made her cry and there were way too many kids. This time it was a small group and The Phi even sat through the story. Even though she talked though most of it she did sit. Afterwards they had craft tables set up and The Phi colored a turkey. They had kids scissors on the tables and once a little boy showed her how to use them she was a non stop cutting fool!

Here is The Phi at the craft table enjoy the refreshments.

The Phi enjoying the new bean bags.

(The kid really was "made" in Bass Lake)

She seriously was in love with the scissors. She was still cutting paper as they were cleaning up. So I had an idea. Yesterday The Phi found $5 in a parking lot (score!) so I asked her if she would like to spend her $5 on some scissors and flash card at the dollar store. She agreed and we headed to the dollar store. We hit the crafting aisle and picked up some kids scissors and a few more flash card packs. One with numbers and the other with shapes and colors. We waited in line and The Phi was very excited to buy her things. After she put everything up on the belt I handed her the $5. I explained that the cashier was going to scan out items and then tell us how much money everything cost. A lady standing behind us in line commented on how cute The Phi was, I think adorable was the word she used and then told me what a great job I was doing teaching her. WOW!


  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Phi is so ready for school. pn

  2. hahahaha. any picture of sophia makes me laugh (i dont know why) but the one of her in the bean bag chair made me lol. like actually out loud! i woke up dex


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