Saturday, November 03, 2007


Last night was a good night. We headed out to meet with PR Dad's family to celebrate my 20th (whoa total type-o but I am keeping it) We went to Romano's Macaroni Grill. The food was good, the conversations were good, they sang Happy Birthday to me in Italian opera and even gave me a beautiful flower. Not everyone came but we all hung out at the Grandparents house afterwards and talked. Grandpa told some stories and Grandma showed me the coolest thing.

A friend of hers sent her this bag. Not just any ol'bag but the a bag for yarn. I have tried finding a picture of it on the line but no luck. It is a black bag with 3 different compartments for skeins of yarn. It compartment has a small opening with for each skein to run through. So you can work with 3 different colors and not get everything mixed up. It even has little Velcro tabs to hold the yarn down when it has been cut or when you are not working. This may sound so boring to everyone but seriously it was the coolest thing I have seen in yarn related paraphernalia in while!

The evening went fast. The Phi had a blast playing with her cousins The Twins. Grandma had given them all a bag filled with Halloween candy, toys and these really cute aprons. The night was not so fast. The Phi got into bed about 1 am and was back up about 1:30. We had given her a decongestive for a phlegmy cough she has had and it was working. Her coughing was super productive and the phlegm coming up was making her gag. She was having a hard time. So we stayed up with her and PR Dad went to bed after awhile and I laid in bed with her. I got up again at about 4:30 and she was sleeping soundly so I went back to bed. She woke up this morning happy and chipper with a face covered with mocos.

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