Monday, November 19, 2007

Private School is no longer an option

We do not live in the best area. The school districts here suck and the plan was always to move out of here before The Phi was ready for school. Well we all know how selling the house is going so we have started looking into private school. Well after last week even private school out here is not going to happen. We were looking into a catholic school for pre-school next year until last week. A little girl was kidnapped from the same school we were seriously thinking about sending The Phi to. And she wasn't snatched from the playground or parking lot. The kidnapper walked into the office, asked for the girl by name and the school allowed the man to take the girl. When the Mom came to pick her up was when they realized they f'ed up. The school does have parents fill out cards stating who is able to pick up their child. And this Mom had filled out the form, and No this kidnapper was not on the list, but the school let her go with him anyway. Luckily this story had a happy ending, but damnit. I am going to have to home school The Phi.


  1. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Send her to Olivelands/Briggs?

  2. Egads....That is crazy!


  3. well now that school is going to be super cautious, so maybe you can send her there.

  4. Super Mom, I thought that too, but then thought if they can't keep the kids rfom being kinapped, how are they going to remember not to feed The Phi egg, nuts, or bananas??

  5. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Good lord Money! Is your town that bad?
    Home schooling is supposed to be great if you can do it. Last year at Chabot College we had a brother and sister home-schooled duo in our anatomy and physiology class. They were 13!!!!! Seriously ahead of their peers and us.



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