Saturday, November 24, 2007

Photographic Evidence

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here is the photographic evidence.

Cake made by Tia Uh-laine. Those cake decorating classes are paying off.

The best part for The Phi was the hand-me-down bike she got from Chone and Tia Day Day.

She was soo excited about her bike.

PR Dad riding the bike to the car.

Tia Mary and the pumpkin pie!

Oh yes, we rock the Bartles & James. You know how we do it!

Chone and The Phi entering the coloring contest. Chone was one of the 1st place winners!!

The Phi's dinner. Chips and a Capri Sun

My Lili Bear!!!

My cousin Vic solved all 3 in under 5 minutes!!

Walkin and The Phi

Mis Primos

The Love Birds!

And the chocolate covered mouth says it all.
It was a great holiday!

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