Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday... you can fall apart

Hey peeps. Its Monday. Blah! Although thanks to the time change I do feel a little bit refreshed today. We have about 2 hours left of work and then The Phi and I are heading out to run some errands. One errand is to buy some hair color. My roots are about 2 inches long. So long that when I put my hair in a ponytail the pulled back part is black and the pony tail is orange-y. Tacky!! Plus with that grey hair I found a few weeks ago its time to color. Since it is home dye job my choices are black or red. Still don't know which to go with. Thoughts?

On another note. My buddy Lyndsey is a cool chick. She lives out in Washington with her gorgeous little girl. PR Dad jokes that she is my imaginary friend because I talk about her, but PR Dad has never met her. Heck I haven't seen her in years. Back in the Santa Barbara days we were bank tellers together. She is a beautiful, funny, smart (ass!), single Mom doing her thing. She has a blog and in the recent weeks she has been making a whole hearted attempt to blog more often. Well in today's post she made a reference that I was the only one who read it so....... do me a favor please. Visit Lyndsey's blog today, leave her a comment. Tell her I sent you!! Come on I said please!


  1. i read your friends whole blog and left her a comment. i can't believe her little girl is 5!

  2. I was wondering why all the visitors so sudden! lol Thanks for sending them over....*smile*

    My monday wasn't all that refreshing like yours was...I was late and got pulled over for speeding on top of that....

    I say go for the red! I loved your hair when it had red and black in it...can you do that at home? I made an appointment to chop and dye mine...pray for me, the hair stylists around here are a little like the one off of Calle Real that gave me a 1980's "shelf".

    Tell PR dad I can send him a box of potatoes if he wants some proof...

    Thanks again for the love today! Now I must come up with something worth reading to write about :)

    Love ya!


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