Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Heart Hart

We had a nice Sunday. PR Dad had been craving waffles so we started our day by fueling up at IHOP. Here The Phi was introduced to candy disguised as breakfast, otherwise known as the chocolate chip pancake with whipped cream. She even pointed it out on the menu when the waitress asked what she wanted.

We then headed out to the old Morongo casino where they were having Troy Lee's Super Moto Mayhem at the Morongo. PR Dad had a customer of his hook us up with tickets. It was a but cold and windy but a lot of fun.
The Phi liked that she found some bikes Suppie Size! (this pic is especially for you Angela!)
The track started in the front of the casino and went all the way around, through the dirt and back to the front.
"Mom can I have a motorcycle? Please! It even has training wheels"
I had a mini-heart attack just watching her sit on one!Despite the noise The Phi managed to take a little power nap on Dad-O's shoulder
We stopped at the Hart & Huntington booth only to find Carey Hart himself getting ready to race. We even spotted his wife Pink walking in and out of the trailer. She is very pretty in real life! This is him after the race.

After the race he signed a poster and took a picture. The Phi was just waking up and totally messed up her first picture with a celeb. Carey Hart was totally cool and asked us how we were doing and thanked us from coming out. I am now his biggest fan!

With all the exciting stuff going on, all The Phi wanted to do was climb the stairs!

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  1. Anonymous2:53 PM

    I am SO jealous that you guys got to meet Carey Hart! I love that guy!


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