Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Away with the Pull Ups

The last few days we have kept The Phi in underwear. No pull-ups (except when she went to the library and lunch with PR Dad), no diapers (except at night), just Dora and Curious George underwear and you know what? Its working. She tells us everytime she needs to go pee and #2. No accidents at all. I can't believe it. I know now that I have said it out loud to the bloggy world she will probably regress and pee on the couch. Tomorrow at the office will be the real test. Today PR Dad is working late so I only worked a half day. My eye is still a little puffy and with all the allergy medicine I still feel out of it. So tomorrow will be the big test, to see if she can go potty at the office. The next big step will be underwear in public.


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