Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Applicator

My comadre forced me to join Facebook. She teased me and pulled my hair until I signed up! It is actually a pretty cool site and just by imputing my high school and graduation year it found some of my old classmates. One of them was a very cool chick I knew named Rayna. It has been so nice reconnecting with her, but it brought back a memory. A coming of age tale if you will. I had gone over to Rayna's house and she wanted to go swimming. Problem was I had my monthly visitor. Rayna had the solution, she had tampons in her bathroom. Now tampons are no big deal right? Well I had never used one, my house was a strictly pads only kind of house. Since I really wanted to go swimming I went into the bathroom, pulled out the box, skimmed the instructions and did the deed and headed out to the pool. I remember thinking how freakin uncomfortable tampons were. I couldn't understand why people would use them it was so uncomfortable. I later learned that you are suppose to remove the cardboard applicator. Duh! I am happy to report after learning that lesson I have had no problems with tampons since!


  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    congrats! :)

  2. lmao! i'm laughing with you...not at you..

    i have a facebook account too but i never check confuses me. lol.

    look out for my addy... :)


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