Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She Found Her Voice

I remember when The Phi was a tiny bundle of a baby, just figuering out that she could move her hands and feet. She was learning how to make sounds and she would make little high pitched yelps. Eventually those yelps turned into words and those words into sentences. The Phi has always had a really small teeny tiny voice. Sometimes I would even have to get really close to her face to hear what she is saying. Well those days are long gone. Over the weekend The Phi found her "outdoor" voice. She now yells and I mean yells. And her favorite thing to yell is "NO!". Lovely. Even her regular talking voice is much louder. Its like someone turned up the volume. We are now living with The Phi cracked up to 11.

On another note, The Phi has a nightmare last night. She woke up about 1 am crying and when we went in to check on her she was not really fully awake, but in full on crying mode complete with "go away"s. I think it may have been triggered by Sparky the Firefighting dog. See we took The Phi to th little Halloween party at the library. She dressed up in her Dorothy costume and we walked up to the library. Coming out the library doors was a dude in a dalmation costume. The Phi waved at him, but when she bent down to give her a hug The Phi freaked. Then Sparky turned to PR Dad with arms open, and I had was about to lay the smack down because no one gets thier paws on my man, but insead PR Dad ingnored the gesture and tended to The Phi.SO abck to last night. I tried laying in bed with her, but she wasn't having that. PR Dad ended up bringing her into our bed and I spent the rest of the night with a little foot jabbed into my back. Nightmares are new territory for us. At the party over the weekend, PR Dad, Sam, Day-Day and I had a conversation about nightmares. Those crazy reoccurring ones, like the falling one. Day-Day had one where Tom from Myspace saved Lili from drowning. But what is the best way to deal with a 2 year old's nightmares when they can't understand whats happening?

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