Monday, October 22, 2007

Nobody Walks in LA

Our Sunday plans were blown when Uncle Matty cancelled his Long Beach show. So instead we headed out to Olvera Street in downtown LA. I was in search of the last few pieces of my costume and candy sugar skulls. As we got off the freeway we noticed that there were booths set up around the Olvera Street plaza and their were tons of people around. PR Dad goes "well we picked the worst day to be here" and I said (always the optimist) "or is it the best day?". It was the best day. We had such a great time wandering around and we found everything we were looking for. The last time we had taken The Phi she was 5 months old. She enjoyed it much more this time around.

Phi doesn't walk in LA. She cruises in her stroller.

I love this place!

The Phi examining some candy sugar skulls.

The Phi trying to look as macho as the Zapata statue.

And these signs really work! Not one line of graffiti in the bathroom.

Taking in the sights of the city.

The Phi's new pose. She has channeled The Fonz and it's all about the thumbs up.

Yes , I even think her shadow is cute.

As we were hanging out at this little plaza area, there was a man standing near by. As we were leaving and PR Dad walked past him the man stopped him. He told PR Dad, "you have a really nice family". Kind of sweet and kind of creepy.

Check out the toys.

Yes this water can't be clean. What are you gonna do? At least we didn't let her drink from it!

The night before PR Dad's pal Luka was talking about the taquitos from Olvera Street. PR Dad had never had them so we tried them. PR Dad loved the sauce so much that when he was done with the taquitos her drank a little bit of the sauce.

This kid will seriously not take a normal picture with her Mom!



  1. Anonymous4:27 PM

    those remind me of the taquitos from the SP Little League!

  2. haha that last picture is frame worthy!

  3. Anonymous5:19 PM

    tia babes ~woman


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