Thursday, October 18, 2007


I made this blanket for The Phi right after she was born. It was in her crib as an infant and has been on her bed as a toddler. She never gave it a second glance, until last week. All of a sudden she cannot go anywhere without this blanket. I must admit that when I made it for her I made it a smaller size in hopes that one day she would carry it around. That day has come. Not only is it a must have for the fall season, it is also magical. If you wear it around your shoulders it becomes a princess dress, if you wear on top of your head it becomes a hat, if you wear it over your head and cover your face it makes you invisible and you can go around scaring people. If you put it on the ground and stand on it it becomes a cool ass skateboard.

When The Phi was little she never really got attached to anything. Not to a teddy bear, bottle, or toy. She didn't seem to have a favorite anything. In her baby book there is a section where I am suppose to fill in her favorite things. This section for her first year is blank because she never really liked anything. Now it seems like every week there is a new must have item that The Phi cannot live without. This week her must-haves are a annoying Dora phone we bought her at the swap-meet, a rock and this blanket. Whenever we leave the house she has to place her phone in one pocket, her rock in the other pocket and the blanket around her neck. This week has been a tricky one because we also lost 2 out of 3 of these items. The Phi decided that she needed her Dora phone with her in the bath tub. While I was taking it out of her hands it fell into the water. When we let it dry for a while it wasn't working. Oh too bad that annoying ring and song wouldn't play anymore. The Phi continued to carrying the phone around and one day later it was working again, and I swear its even louder now. Then this morning we had an incident with the rock. As we were walking out the door to get to work, The Phi was working on getting her rock into her pocket. It fell, bounced down the stairs, and landed right in the middle of a pile of similar pond rocks. So I tried to just grab a rock and hand it to The Phi, but she was not having any of that. She had to look through all the rocks until she found the 'one". (AHHH will I ever be on time to work?) Next week will be a whole new pile of things that she can't live without and the blanket, phone and rock will be added to the box of forgotten toys.

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