Monday, October 15, 2007

The Jungle VIP

Ahh Monday again. I have been have a hard time knowing what day it is when I wake up. These days the days all seem to blend into each other. I wake up every morning and it takes me a good minute to figure out what day of the week it is. Is this a symptom of being old? This weekend was filled some good times. Saturday was the typical clean the house, do the laundry kind of day. PR Dad was home by 7pm and we settled in to watch a movie but we had a wonderful surprise visitor. Sammy the Bull (he was a groomsman in our wedding) stopped by. It was strange because during our homemade enchilada dinner (yes I am a domestic goddess) I was saying how I wish Sam was around to have dinner with us. He just moved out to OC and before he moved we use to spend most Sundays hanging out. It had been a few weeks since we had seen Sam so we ended up staying up until after 2 am just talking and catching up. Sam is a great friend to all 3 of us and we are lucky to have him in our lives. He is employed, owns 3 cars, a veteran and an all around great guy. He loves classic rock, has a passion for cars and is great with kids. And ladies he is single and ready to mingle!!!

How can you resist a man who appreciates a handmade plush cupcake?

PR Dad had a rare weekend day off on Sunday and we woke up,( later than we wanted to but hey we were up until after 2 am the night before! ) and headed to the Swap Meet. Man how I love the swap meet. All we needed was a tube filled with the little rubber bands I use for The Phi's hair. See these tiny rubber bands are not reusable. I have come up with a new way to take them out of The Phi's hair. Instead of yanking and pulling I use a pair of nail clippers to "snip snip" them right off. It eliminates all the screaming and crying. But boy do I love the swap meet. It is like an outdoor, gigantic dollar store. I love when you ask "Cuantos?" they say "one dollar". You can't beat that! We ended up with rubber bands, a zipper for a jacket I knitted The Phi, a Dora play cell phone, a new sprayer thingie for the sink, a prop for my Halloween costume, and a bag of those pinwheel looking fired things. The last few time we had went to the Bel-Air Swap Meet we did not make it through the entire thing. The Phi reminded us why. About 3/4 through the swap meet she lost it because she wanted this little kids play shopping cart. I had warned her that she needed to behave and she could get one more toy. She has a toy stroller at home and we were not going to buy her the shopping cart. She was pissed off. She walked in between us, refusing to hold our hands, or sit in her stroller. She she just walked along crying her little eyes out for about 5 minutes. We ignored it until she finally calmed down. These episodes are almost funny to me, but man do they stress out PR Dad. After we came home we bbq'ed some burgers and Sam came by again. PR Dad installed my new kitchen sink sprayer (mine original one broke over a year ago!) and we all just hung out. I crocheted a cupcake for Sam and we all sat and LOLed watching some TV.

So the other morning, like early morning, I could hear policemen outside my window talking over CB radios. They were discussing how they were going to find the "Jungle VIP". PR Dad got up and looked out the window and I thought 'he heard it too!'. I asked him, are there lots of cops out there? and he said "no, its just raining, you must have been dreaming". I guess Disney has warped my subconsciousness with all the ads for the Jungle Book DVD release.

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