Thursday, October 25, 2007

How My Birthday Dinner Turned into an ER Trip

My birthday was great, with one big exception. In the morning PR Dad got up earlier than usual, packed The Phi's lunch, and even got her up and dressed. The Phi and I went to the office and I enjoyed getting lots of phone calls and emails. I love that on my birthday I get to talk to all the important people in my life all on the same day. PR Dad brought me lunch of fast food. (We have cut fast food out of our diets months ago so this was a special treat). Although The Phi was stuck eating her healthy nuggets and veggies, she did get a crown. After work, The Phi took a long nap and I just relaxed. When PR Dad came home he handed me a card. A very funny card. And a small gift bag. I was floored. I mean the card was shocking enough, but a gift too!! This was so out of my husband characters. I opened the box to find a beautiful necklace!

I had spotted this necklace while at the LA County fair back in September. Apparently when PR Dad "went to the bathroom" while we were at the fair he was really buying this for my birthday. I cannot believe that he kept it a secret for this long. PR Dad is so not good at keeping secrets. I mean he is like really bad at it. I have no idea how he kept this to himself for almost 2 months, but he did and I am glad because I was so surprised. So all day I had been trying to find a place to have dinner. I wanted something different and a little bit fancy because you only turn 30 once right? I picked Haliewa Joe's out in Rancho Mirage. It is a Hawaiian place that is so cool. Just the structure is cool. So I was excited to try it out. We got to the restaurant and The Phi was digging the giant wooden flip-flops on the wall.

We sat down right away and after a few minutes they brought us some yummy bread. The Phi was sitting next to me in a booster seat. The waiter brought our iced teas and I turned to The Phi. Her face was covered in blood. I grabbed the white linen napkin off the table and tried to wipe her up. The waiter saw what was going on and brought me a warm washcloth. I wiped her up and her nose just kept bleeding. I took her to the bathroom and the hostest brought me more washcloths. The first one was already soaked in blood. The Phi was getting annoyed with the washcloth on her face and the angrier she got, the more she cried, and the more blood flowed from her nose. Now lets all remember that I am a first time Mom. No matter how old The Phi gets I am still a first time Mom. I have no idea how much blood a normal 2 year old bleeds during a normal bloody nose. I have no idea how long a bloody nose should last. After soaking 3 washcloths and over half an hour had gone by and the bleeding had not gotten any better we headed to the nearest Urgent Care. The Urgent Care was closing in 20 minutes and could not be bothered by a crying child, so they sent us to the ER. An ER packed with lots and lots of people. So we checked her in, went through the triage and then we waited. Of course almost as soon as we sat down her nose stopped bleeding. After about 20 minutes of waiting I took her into the bathroom and cleaned the dried blood from her face and hands. And we waited some more. I don't think I had heard one name be called to see a Dr. By this time she was getting hungry and tried and cranky. The last straw was when an old dude dropped his cane on The Phi's head and we were out of there. The bleeding had stopped for a long time, and The Phi was back to her normal crazy self. (I called her pediatrician this morning and she has an appointment this afternoon) So we headed back home and ended up with dinner at good ol' Chili's. Not quite the fancy Hawaiian place I wanted, but oh well! It was a good birthday and I am looking forward to the party on Saturday!


  1. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Love the dino-nuggets from Costco! Elias practically doesn't eat anything else! Elias tends to have frequent nose-bleeds, but fortunately, I never seem to be around when they happen!

  2. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Yikes, I think I would have freaked. The sight of a lot of blood makes me feel queasy lol.

    Happy 30th Birthday btw. The necklace is beautiful.

    Here via Blogexplosion.

  3. so what did the doctor say?

  4. Happy Birthday!

    I hope the Phi feels better.

  5. Anonymous10:29 PM

    How sweet of PR Dad! 2 months is a long time for any man...way to pull it off!

    Sounds like a great birthday...with one exception...

    I remember one time when Isabella was around 2 yrs old I woke up to her face COVERED in was dried in her nose & mouth. A huge spot on her pillow...and she was naked (?) So of course when I woke up and was groggy I freaked out to find her this way...took her to ER and they never could tell me what happened....gave her some stickers and a bear and we were back home..

    Have fun on Saturday!! :)


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