Friday, October 05, 2007

Big Time

Well look who has made it to the shelves at Target. La Virgen has made it the ranks of such loved favorites as Tickle Me Elmo and Dora dolls. So now instead of heading out to your nearest church or Chicano novelty store for your religious wares, you can pick one up while shopping for Toilet paper and a new digital camera. Just toss your new Virgen necklace in the cart right along with the box of diapers and $1 aaa batteries. Well my Virgencita I have been following your journey for years now. And with your arrival to Target you have made it to the big time. And how they are advertising you is brilliant. Next to a picture of your face on a necklace are the words "You're not going to believe this. Earlier today we saw the outline of a necklace JUST like this in one of our pancakes. True story" Ha ha. But for the bargain price of $20 for a necklace there isn't a need to poke fun at those who believe in you so deeply you have appeared to them. You have officially crossed over from beloved Mexican religious icon to the new pop icon loved by all the masses. You're like Selena for a new generation. Except they took away her Spanish language and from you they stripped your sacredness. It is now your "coolness" factor that is most important. Congrats my Virgencita, I will stop and pray to you the next time I need to buy a new vacuum or picture frame.

Click here to see the Virgen in a beautiful Target ad!

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  1. Anonymous6:45 PM

    check out that dia de los muertos bracelet!


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