Wednesday, September 19, 2007

weather is turning cold

weather is turning cold, originally uploaded by Punk Rock Mom.

The evenings are starting to get chilly here. It is so strange how quickly things can change just 2 weeks ago we were living inside with the a/c on 24/7 and now just look at The Phi, sweat pants, slippers and a knitted hat. When I picked her up today to take her to the office I had to put a jacket on her. I told her it was cold outside so when we walked out she kept telling me that it was snowing. And once the weather turns it means that Halloween is right around the corner (and so the big 3-0) I see you 30, stay the hell away from me! Anyways I am totally stumped as to what The Phi should dress up as. I am calling on my readers. Give me some ideas for The Phi, PR Dad and myself. We need some cool costumes. Man it has been years since I have dressed up for Halloween. Some of my past costumes have been a bride, witch, an angel, a french maid. I was even Scooby-Doo one year and my Mom made me a bone. But my sister Cari always had the best costumes, her Cyndi Lauper was such a hit (Bring it back!!) and she was a little China girl one year complete with white powder on the face (I know not very P.C. but it was the 80's). Halloween is such a great time of year. I remember one year when the Chone had a complete melt-down because she was dressed as Tinkerbell and her Mom wanted her to wear a long sleeve shirt under her costume. Chone refused and spent the evening staring out the front window crying. Last year we all meet up in Santa Barbara. This year since Halloween is in the middle of the week we are just going to meet in Moorpark and take the kids around the neighborhood. I just hope The Phi has some cool ass costume to wear.


  1. haha it gets cold in banning and sophia loses all of her cute summer clothes. she looks like a bum lol. mom and dad said they were going to be dog the bounty hunter and his wife beth. lol i just know my new puppy and i will have matching or similar costumes for halloween. u should dress phi as a hospital patient. fake casts and neck braces. she would love it lol

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    ooh elaine is on a role...put a torso cast on her, braid her hair up, and get sock monkey to sit on her shoulder...i know, i know...i keep pushing the Frida costume!

  3. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Dog the Bounty Hunter & Beth...


    I love it!

    Isabella is going to be a geisha girl. She actually has the same costume that Chone had last year but the pink version instead of blue. I picked her up a wig since I don't want to mess with her hair.

    Did Phi give you her opinion on the matter? Maybe ask her? Sometimes kids come up with some cool ideas!

    Punk rocker was the best....I was one every year..And I mean every year. LOL



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