Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thats Why They Call Them Accidents

My sister has been up and walking around. She is feeling better, but of course still in pain. She has started physical therapy and it looks like she will be going home tomorrow and this nightmare will be over soon. I saw pictures of the car there is no doubt that an angel was watching over my sister and Mikey during that accident. If the van that hit my sister would have hit her a foot or two further it was have hit her drivers door straight on and I don't even want to say what could have happened. And I have no doubt that the angel was our Roman. It was so awful to see my sister in a hospital bed full of dirt, blood and glass. Laying in pain. Being the only one there was tough, trying to stay calm, trying to reassure my sister, trying to follow all the different prognosis and procedures all the different doctors were giving me, and wording it so that my Mom didn't freak out too much. Everyday she gets better and starting to become more like the old Elaine, but with a neck brace and new lease on life. She is anxious to get home, and with how horrible hospitals are I do not blame her at all. Hospitals are horrible places. They are places filled with arrogant doctors who make patients and their families feel even worse than they all ready do. Where the wonderful nurses are too few and overworked. Where things are outrageously expensive, even the cafeteria. I can't wait until my sister is home and healed. Back to the outgoing 21 year old that we all love.


  1. Anonymous11:04 PM

    What a nightmare.

    I am happy she is getting better. I continue to pray for your family.


  2. HI Punk Rock Mom,
    Your example is one of the evidences that van drivers are really 'folk devils'. I still can't imagine how they dare to behave themselves on a road so madly. It is true that a man van is now most often viewed as a mobile thug – a dangerous threat to the decent, right-thinking, motoring majority.
    Happy that the baby is getting better.


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