Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Relief, Betrayal and Puppy Love

  1. Relief: There is finally some relief from this damn heat. This morning as we walked out the door about 8 am, it wasn't like we were walking through the gates of hell. The Phi did not melt into a puddle and I did not instantly become beat red. The weather was just normal. A nice a warm summer morning. And when we came home from work the house did not feel like an oven. In fact my first reaction was annoyance with PR Dad because I assumed he left the a/c on. But we all know what happens when I assume. I really hope this heat wave is behind us, because when it is 108 in your place its at least 10 degrees hotter here.

  2. Betrayal: Our beloved library has betrayed us. The Phi and I go to the library every week and we check out 5 kid books. We read them at night and they go right back into the library bag. I check the books and make sure that we have all 5 on library day morning. So imagine my surprise when they told me that we owed $4.95 for a kids book that we returned that's pages were stick together and the book had to be discarded. I was totally shocked. Today when I went to the library to drop off a book and pay the fine I pleaded my case. I told them how careful we were with library books, and how I checked them the morning we bring them back, and how a coincidence it was that they day I brought the said sticky book back was the day of the Summer Reading Program party, where the kids room was filled with children, jugglers, and punch. The guy behind the counter said there was nothing he could do about it (why right) and suggested that I check in the books with a librarian each time. So that's what we will have to do now.

  3. Puppy Love: The TV in our living room is permanently on Nickelodeon. So sometimes The Phi will leave it on after watching some SpongeBob. Because of this I have caught a few episodes of "Drake and Josh" and I am ashamed to admit that I really like the show and totally have a crush on Drake. I mean come on, he plays the guitar and sings and we all know what a sucker I am for a guy in a band. But the other day I reached a new low. I TiVo'ed the Drake and Josh movie and then watched the entire thing.

No worries he is 21 years old.

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