Sunday, September 23, 2007

Racial Profiling in my Front Yard

Well after midnight last night we were awoken by a sharp knock on our front door followed by the doorbell ringing. I shook PR Dad and told him that Luis was at the door. The reason why I thought it was Luis was because he had borrowed PR Dad's Jeep to go to the UFC fights in Anaheim. We had been at a friend's house that night watching said fights. Luis was going to be returning the car last night. I just couldn't figure out why he would be knocking on the door because the plan was he was going to leave the key in the visor. So the knocking and door bell along with Roo barking woke up The Phi so as I stumbled into her room, PR Dad opened the door to "Banning PD, what is your name sir?" WTF. My heart started racing and I my mind working overtime with all kinds of crazy scenerios of what happened. So PR Dad stepped outside with the cop, he came back in for his wallet and went back outside as he was heading back to the door the cop yells (yes yelling into my house in the middle of the freakin night) back into the house "It's okay Mr. L****, your ID is not necessary." And he speed out in his car. Turns out the cop saw Luis drop off the car and leave the key and leave with his Mom in her car. Apparently the cop thought this was suspicious, and instead of running the plates on the jeep and seeing it was registered to our address and not reported stolen and going on his merry way. He woke up my whole family to ask PR Dad if he let someone borrow our car. PR Dad said the cop looked like he was 15 years old. I am sure he was an over excited newbie and although I am glad to know that there are cops patroling our neighborhood, He embarrassed the hell out of us, by making a scene with his light flashing in front of our house all because Luis dropped the car off late. Luis is a good kid, a good Mexican kid. A Mexican kid who apparently to the Banning PD looks like he steals cars.

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