Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ventura County Fair

Summer time means time for the county fairs. This year since we had just got back from vacation and were still in Ventura County we headed to the last day of the VC Fair. We took the Park and Ride since the fairground lots were full. The Phi had her first school bus experience.

The Phi's on the bus go up and down.

Right before the melt-down

My cousin Arnie and his lamb Billy. Billy went to auction and I will spare you the details of Billy's fate.

Dang look at those arms on The Phi.

The place was really crowded because it was the last day. And PR Dad bought me a caramel apple instead of a candy apple, and The Phi had a melt-down but it was still fun. I mean how can you not have fun at a fair. After we ended our family vacation with a dinner at Crabby Bobs!

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  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Not craddy Bob,s, Its Joe,s Crab Shack


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