Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tea for Two

Today was Cousin Angelica's Birthday Tea Party and The Phi was excited and ready to g-o.

So I walk into Olivia's Tea House and had to shield my eyes. It was crazy over the top. Like a Grannys house x100. Perfect for a little girls tea party.

Each of the girls got to pick out any dress, shoes, and feather boas. As much as we tried The Phi would not put on a dress.
But we did manage to get her in a hat and heels.

Here is the birthday Queen, getting her hair done.

As soon as Angelica's hair was done, The Phi climbed up onto the seat for her turn.

Pink eyeshadow and all.

The BFF Diva's.

The full outfit.

Tea is served.

It was a really great place for a girls tea parties fantasies to be fulfilled. I was the worried that The Phi wouldn't really understand or even like it, but she had a blast. She embraced her inner princess and we hope to go to another tea party soon. Thanks Cousin Angelica for inviting us.

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