Sunday, August 19, 2007

$3 and Menus

So we were at Target in Moorpark before the party and after we picked up the few things we needed I was getting in line and a Target Team Member handed me a coupon. It said that they were apologizing for any inconvenience that I experienced while in their store. And to accept this $3.00 coupon. We had not experienced any kind of inconvenience. So my $10.00 purchase was only $7.00. Is it strange that I was totally stoked by this. And still cannot stop talking about it.

We had not been grocery shopping since we had been back from vacation. We had been living off spaghetti. In an attempt to eat better, and eat out less, and have more productive grocery shopping trips, I wrote out a week menu and made a grocery list. So now on the fridge we have a menu for all three meals for next seven days. The plan is to have about 10 different menus with corresponding shopping lists. The idea is that it will make us eat better, and shop more often, but buy less and less junk. So today we did the shopping for week 1 and we will see how well it goes. I am really hoping this works out.

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  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Shel and I have been planning meals for a few months now, and it has definitely saved us time and money. The hardest part is when we work late, get home and simply don't feel like cooking. We then have to fight the temptation to just "order something".


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