Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Becoming my parents

Sometimes I just have to laugh at how much Joey can remind me of my Pops and I can remind me of my Mom. When we are shopping is the best example. My Mom will see something she likes, might even try it on, but rarely will buy anything for herself. As my Mom hems and haws over buying it my Pops will say "Just get it.". This is the exact situation when Joey and I go out shopping. Today reminded me again of how much we can be like my parents. Over the last few months a group of guys have been making the rounds talking about cleaning one rooms carpet for free. Of course this is just a set up so that they can give you a demo of some expensive carpet cleaner. Well the few times that they have been here I always tell them "No thanks". I am way too suspicious of people. I know you don't get anything for free and I have watched too many 60 minutes, 20/20, CSI's to know that it could be just a home invasion scam. They might try to rob us or worse. This is exactly how my Mom would think. When I got home from work this afternoon PR Dad told me that they had stopped by and were going to be coming by to clean our carpet. Arghh. Something my Pops would totally do. He knew that it was just a demo but I know he felt bad for these guys walking around in this heat. So they did come by and it was a crappy and long demo that I let PR Dad suffer through while The Phi and I got wet outside. That'll teach him!

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  1. Aaah, Elissa. We all become our parents. They were our role models. I am like my dad and like my mom. Often wish I wasn't!


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