Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Reading

Today is Thursday and for us Thursdays are library days. And this is a super special library day because The Phi is signing up for her first summer reading program. They have a "Read-To-Me" program for pre-schoolers. I am so excited about this. When we were kids we always signed up for the library summer reading program. Every summer would have a different theme and we would track how many books we read and then at the end of the summer we would always get the end prize. I always loved when they were iron-on transfers. My Mom would iron them on to a tank and I would sport that thing with pride. I love reading. I always have. My Mom loves reading and even now that he has more time on his hands my Dad is a reader too. My sisters and I are readers and I always amaze PR Dad with how fast I can read. I read to The Phi at night before bed. We always pick enough library books to get us through the week. And lately I have found her sitting in her chair looking at books and pointing out things she recognizes. So today we will start the summer tradition of joining the summer reading program. I hope The Phi enjoys watching her name climb the chart at the library as much as I will.

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  1. i'm taking chone next week to sign up, if our library has it(since it no longer is part of the county libraries). she also has one with borders and she gets a free book at the end of it. cool huh! i loved the iron on transfers too. i remember when we got them they were in our folders from the program and i kept checking mine to make sure it didnt fall out.


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