Friday, June 29, 2007

Only 1 month Behind

The Phi went in for her 2 year check up yesterday. Her doctor is getting harder to get into, but we really like her. So I met up with PR Dad and The Phi at the doctors office. She still weighs 26 pounds and comes in at 35 inches tall. How can she still weigh 26 pounds, she feels like she has gained at least 10. The doctor asked the usual questions. The Phi was a total show off by pointing out circles in a book, saying "Hi Dr." and jumping. What a show off. They tested her iron levels with a small finger prick and gave her one vaccine. She was a champ. The doctor even gave is an inexpensive was to help clear up her constant diaper rash. We had tried everything from letting her 'free ball' it at home and changing her every hour, but it would not go away. The Dr. suggested using a straight 12% zinc oxide. Like the stuff you see on lifeguards noses. I found some plain zinc oxide (40%) at Walgreens for $3. It worked overnight. Nice. So the Dr. visit went well. Her iron levels were perfect and the doc said she was doing great and that she was adorable. And like after all good doctors visited I felt validated. I think it stems from my complete submission to authority. I have always feared/respected teachers, cops, doctors. And when the dr. tells me that The Phi is doing great and PR Dad and I are doing things correctly I feel like I just got a gold star on the chart of parenting. Why do I need a Dr. who sees me and my kid twice a year to validate that I am a good parent?

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