Monday, May 14, 2007

Post-Mom Day

It was a great Mother's Day. We had a great brunch with PR Dads family. Complete with great food, margaritas, lots of kids running around, and live mariachi's (that The Phi loved!), and bouquets of sock roses. After brunch we did what we do best and walked a mall. After the mall closed, we meet up with our buddy Sam and had a wonderful dinner, and fun conversation. The Phi was a great kid all day, rocking her shirt for the occassion. Of course PR Dad was great and spent the entire day chasing our rug-rat around. It was a day where I did not have to make any decisions, I am so tired of making decisions. PR Dad even decided what I had to drink at dinner. A yummy fruit mojito. I was sad to not see my Mom, but I let her (and the whole Internet world) know how much she means to us. I hope that all the Moms out there were pampered yesterday and thanked for doing the hardest job in the world. I know that some people feel that Mother's Day is just a phoney holiday, but I think it is nice to have one day where Moms get the most beautiful pictures. Just like the ones that The Phi gave me. Pictures of puppies and Mommies that my baby colored for me. Pictures that I will date and keep forever!

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  1. Anonymous4:07 PM

    did you get the picture of your cookie, i think elaine is going to eat it. ~woman


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