Punk Rock Parents: Oscar was robbed

Monday, May 07, 2007

Oscar was robbed

We ended our Cinco de Mayo by watching the De La Hoya / Merriweather fight.

Family, friends, food and Oscar without a shirt for 12 rounds. Doesn't get much better!

Here is the picture Cari!

Sheer cuteness

The Phi and her favorite cousin Angeligeligelica

Sheer Cuteness Part 2

The Phi and Marissa disappointed with the outcome of the fight.


  1. what happened to the pictures you took of the tv?

  2. I am convinvced the fight was "fixed". Neither had not even a scratch or a bruise on them. Honestly, I think De La Hoya was in it for the money. As the promoter, he made a killing! The twins are adorable!