Monday, May 07, 2007

Not Your Gym, My Gym

My sister Elaine works at the My Gym near her. She convinced us to take The Phi to a class while we were all in Santa Barbara. It was a great idea. The Phi has absoluely no social skills and have no idea how to follow any kind of instruction. This was evident when she fought me during the entire warm-up and did not interact with other kids.

I think we are going to sign her up for a session. They are opening a My Gym near us. She could really benefit from the exercise, socialization, and just plain ol' fun.

1 comment:

  1. You should totally sign her up!!! AJ goes to Gymboree for similar gym classes, an art class and a music class and he LOVES it! When we turn the corner to go on the street where it is located, he starts to jump and say Gymboee. It is helping him learn to sing, socialize, not be such a bully!!! he knows all the songs that the teachers use to have them put the toys away, etc, so we sing the same songs at home when it's time to clean-up!


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