Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hi! Hello! Hi!

Hi! Hello! Hi!, originally uploaded by Shannon K.

Last Saturday The Phi and I were out in the front yard washing the car. Well, I was washing to car and she was playing. While we were out there a young boy kept whizzing by us on his skateboard. He must have passed by like 15 times and everytime he would come by The Phi would drop what ever she was doing and wave frantically at him yelling "hi!". Adorable. Well this kid ignored her, every single time. It broke my heart. This precious little girl in pig tails is waving to you how could you not smile and wave back! Everytime he ignored her the urge to grab him and yell, "hey you little shit, that little girl is waving to you, get your head out of your ass and wave back asshole" just grew and grew. But I didn't. (When I told PR Dad the story he too wanted to kick some pre-teen ass!) Finally my heart couldn't take it anymore and I went over to The Phi. I told her that she was a great kid and a very very nice person for waving and saying hi to that kid. I hugged her and kissed her and inside I knew that I will not be able to sheld her from getting her feelings hurt by mean kids.


  1. Anonymous3:19 PM

    That is so cool that you told her that.

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Too bad the little punk didn't bail on his skateboard while she was waving at him!! Nice job though mommy... She'll soon learn that kid are cruel.

  3. similar story. yesterday when i picked up chone from the bus stop, rachel was crying when she got off the bus. i asked chone what had happened and she said "juan" was making fun of her. i was sooo mad! chone said she told him to stop and that she told her friends if he didn't stop she was going to "whip his butt!" i wanted to go wait for him at his bus stop! what a punk ass little kid! dont parents teach their kids any manners anymore!

  4. you shoulda thrown a rock under the wheels of his skateboard.

    of course your actual response was a bit more adult and probably a better role model.

    (still, maybe when the phi's back was turned...)


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